It has been well over a month since The Pawn Company opened its doors and we’re extremely pleased with the response from the surrounding Southern Kentucky community. The effort that each one of our staff members has put into the business is nothing short of amazing. Overall, our expectations have exceeded the initial goals we set. With that said there’s one area of business we’d like to discuss, pawning items of value.

Pawn is another term for collateral loan…

The Pawn Company was created as a trusted source for fast, easy collateral loans that meet the individual needs of our community. We lend money on items of value ranging from small rings to vehicles of all kinds and everything in between. We require no pre-requisites such as a good credit score or job. Unlike banks, there is no credit check either. All we need is to your item of value to determine the size of loan, and in most cases you’ll get your money on the spot!


watchesA major concern of potential customers…

is they will lose their valuables. YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR VALUALBES WHEN YOU PAWN. The Pawn Company holds on to your valuables in our secure storage facility until you repay the loan with our pre-decided interest rate. This is a huge benefit in comparison to other lending institutions because it does not ruin your credit or allow them to repossess your items of value. If you have trouble paying the loan within specified time period, no problem. You can request to extend the loan without penalty. Nowhere else can you do this!

If you need a super-fast short term loan, come see us. Unleash the cash items you’re not using currently. We loan more! Ask about our Max Cash Guarantee – see store for details.