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Buying jewelry at retail vs buying jewelry from the pawn company

Here at the pawn company we pride ourselves on providing many services to the community, including acting as the bank for our citizens who either choose not to or can’t use banks or other lending institutions for their short-term lending needs. We provide cash for items of value as diverse as guns, jewelry, electronics and vehicles, to name just a few items. We exist for and because of our customers.

As such, we feel that one of our primary responsibilities to the community is to help educate the consumers about the true value an item has versus what it is typically sold for at retail – and one of the places where there is the biggest discrepancy is with jewelry. When someone buys jewelry at a store in a mall or at a big box retailer there is typically a price for the item that is 7 to 12 times higher than the actual intrinsic value of the materials used to make the jewelry. The consumer is paying for the materials used + the design + the store’s overhead costs + their expected level of profit and when all is said and done, a ring that has 150.00 worth of gold and another 100.00 worth of diamonds will be sold at retail for 1500.00 – 2000.00 dollars. This is the reality of the true value of an item against what it is sold for in a retail setting.

We have all seen the commercials on television where some jewelry store guarantees their diamond jewelry to appraise for at least double what they sell it for – which is rather easy to do when the markup is as high as that industry. They can afford to offer items at sale prices when they are still making at least 5 times what the item cost them to produce. All the “appraisal” means is that if you had to replace the item at full retail value, it would be “worth” a certain amount of dollars. That number is a long way from the real intrinsic value of the materials themselves.

That is why buying jewelry from a reputable pawn broker like we are makes perfect sense, we are in tune with the precious metals market and the gem market on a daily basis and we know exactly what the item is truly worth. Come take a look at our prices on jewelry and save yourself a lot of money and have the piece of mind that comes with making an informed purchase.



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