Interested in our Layaway Program?

Layaway enables shoppers to make a purchase even if they don’t have the full amount of money needed to pay for the items they want. By putting down a small deposit, the item is held for the customer. This is an excellent opportunity for the upcoming holiday season as it ensures the most popular holiday gifts will be ready and waiting months down the road when they are needed.

Once an item has been put on layaway, the buyer makes regular periodic payments every 30 days, taking the item home only after it has been paid for in full. Unlike credit cards, our layaway programs neither charge interest, nor do they require a good credit score in order to participate.Below you will find a detailed explanation of our year round layaway program! We have included a contact form at the bottom should you have any additional questions.


  • The minimum down payment on Jewelry Layaway is 10% of the price
  • The minimum down payment for all other departments is 15%
  • A MINIMUM PAYMENT  (equal to your down payment) must be made every 30 calendar days
  • Your contact information MUST be current so that we can send reminders via phone call
  • All layaways cancelled by a customer are subject to a non-refundable restocking fee that is 30% of the sale price, the remainder will be issued as store credit
  • Electronics on layaway are not eligible for cancellation
  • Any layaway that is overdue 30 calendar days without payment will be considered in FORFEIT and is ineligible for a refund of any kind

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    WEEK DAYS:  9:00am – 5:30pm
    SATURDAY:  9:00am – 5:00pm

    LAYAWAY POLICY – Effective 8/11/16

    Customers that place an item on our Interest-Free layaway program will be required to make a down payment that is a set percentage of the items price before sales tax. Outdoors, Musical Instruments, Tools, Designer Apparel, Sporting Goods, etc. will require a down payment of 15-25% of the sales price. Payments for these items must be made within 30 days of the previous payment. All jewelry (Excluding designer handbags and other apparel) will require a down payment of 10-15% of the sales price. Payments for jewelry must be made within 30 days of the previous payment. Electronics items (Tablets, gaming systems, laptops) will require a down payment of 15-25% of the sales price. Payments for electronics must be made within 30 days of the previous payment, and cannot be cancelled at all.  All Cancelled layaways will be subject to a restocking fee of 30% of the sales price, but may not cancel an electronics layaway. The remainder of the funds after fees are deducted will be issued as store credit. An item that has not received payment for 30 days is considered in danger of forfeiture. Forfeited layaways are not eligible for refunds of any amount. Any custom ordered item must have a 25% partial payment before the item can be ordered, it is not considered a Layaway even when it is entered as one. PLEASE ENSURE THAT A RELIABLE PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS ARE WITH YOUR ACCOUNT AT TIME OF DOWN PAYMENT, AND ALERT US OF ADDRESS OR NUMBER CHANGES DURING YOUR PAYMENT PERIOD.